Start a Yolar Tribe Hub in your community

We are building the largest travel community in Africa starting with 100,000 extraordinary people just like you. Do you want to lead an exclusive tribe of individuals living their dreams and making each day count? Apply and let’s conquer the world. But before you hit the ‘apply’ button, find out how to start your journey. 

Our mission is to make your every moment an adventure.

We’re simply a community consisting of travelers/adventurers, entrepreneurs and creatives (in short, we say we are TEC guys). However, everyone that wants to live a fuller life is welcome. We provide resources, events, tools and platforms for community members to travel the world, share their stories, follow their path and live their dreams.


  • Make a positive impact and improve your local tourism industry
  • Grow your professional network and connections in the travel industry
  • Develop your event organization and leadership skills
  • Create international friendships – we meet around the world
  • Be at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in tourism
  • Have fun, make new friends, and learn.

How to apply to start a local hub

Send an application containing:

  • A short introduction about yourself (say hello!)
  • How Yolar Tribe would benefit your city
  • Why you’d make a great Yolar Tribe Local Hub Leader
  • Brief overview of the Tourism Industry in your city
Yolar Tribe Local Hub Leader Responsibilities

Before applying, it’s important to be fully aware of your responsibilities if your application is accepted. We expect that they would be dutifully carried out. 

The leadership of  hub must regularly organize events both outdoors and indoors for members to meet and interact in person. One outdoor and one indoor event is recommended monthly. Outdoor events include travel tour, camping, hiking etc. Indoor events include networking evenings, karaoke nights, etc. 

Our vision is to have the largest community of extraordinary change makers starting with 100,000 travelers, entrepreneurs and creatives. Review and approve your new members and create a highly engaging community. Together, we’ll achieve our vision.

Contribute to online discussions as well to Yolar Magazine, share your ideas and that of your hub. 

Be ready to submit reports about your hub when we need them. Communicate with us about anything regarding your hub, and very importantly, uphold the Yolar Community Guidelines.


Most frequent questions and answers

Here’s a list of criteria you’ll need to meet in order to be a hub leader.

  • You’re a registered member on Yolar Tribe (you’ve been sent the link to our telegram group)
  • You have a interest in experiencing adventures
  • You like to organize events and bring people together (you’re a connector!)
  • You are responsible, responsive and entrepreneurial
  • You speak and write in your region’s native language
  • You speak and write in English (to communicate with Yolar)
  • You live in the city that you want to start a hub
  • You want to make a difference
  • You support our community values and guidelines

This usually takes about a week, sometimes less. After receiving your application, we often request for a brief Skype meeting so we can get to know you more.

Once approved, we’ll help you get started via:

  • Create your hub online community
  • Receive a Yolar Hub Leader’s Guide
  • Introduce you to our Hub Leaders’ Group

Yes, you can. However, a hub typically has about 2-4 leaders to help in effective management and running of the hub. All hub leaders are appointed by Yolar. Anyone interested in being part of the leadership must submit an application, and if approved, will step into the leadership team.

A Yolar Tribe Local Hub leader is a volunteer position. We do have a revenue share program that eligible leaders can participate in. You can contact Yolar for more information.

Well, that greatly depends on you and the events/projects at hand. A good seed, community that is well nurtured will always grow to bear fruits of which you’ll enjoy.