Spreading a revolution together

When you hit that road to travel with the tribe, play games, or engage in activities that puts a test on your physicality, stretches your mind, challenges your spirit, it inspires you courage; A courage that says, if I could conquer that road, that mountain, that challenge, then I can conquer anything. I can conquer my my fears. I can live my dreams. And when you begin to shine your light, you unconsciously give others permission to shine theirs too.

This is how we spread a revolution. We want lives and society transformed, one adventure at a time.  This is what Yolar, and Yolar Tribe is all about. We’re lighting these fires all across Africa through YT-Hubs  – where we set the hearts of many ablaze with a passion for their calling, and for God.

Our Creed

As a YTER (Yolar Tribe member), I pledge to never give up on my dreams, to constantly seek new adventures and avenues for growth, and to live to the fullest possible expression myself. I’ll live with no regrets knowing that I’ve given all of myself withholding nothing. I’ll always stand out, like a city set on a hill, shining my light and being a salt to the earth. I’ll see the world, I’ll conquer the world and I’ll change my world, while living for God.

A global network with a heart

We are building a global community that is supportive, informed, daring, and engaging, with the goal of creating a world where everyone has a voice for change, and where that voice is heard and felt. Though diverse, with our community spanning cultures, nations and regions of the world, our collective values from our local hubs to our global platforms, remain resolute. Our members from different parts and continents of the world convene (digitally and physically) to tens of events every year – from Yolar Adventure Festivals, to Youtalk Hangouts, Speaker Series, Getaways, e.t.c., to connect, network, share, grow and influence.

Our job is to help tribe members make the greatest positive impact while living to the fullest possible expression of themselves, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Extraordinary Experiences

We create monthly fun, adventurous and transforming experiences for the wellbeing and growth of our community members.

From our weekend getaways, to our curated travel experiences, and virtual events that connects Yters globally, our experiences are designed to make our members to know and explore themselves to the fullest.

Our Core Values

Yolar Tribe is the ONLY adventure community with the SAUCE. Our core values are centered around these four key principles. We are:


Yolar Fellows use nature as the ultimate canvas to explore their creative sides. Our Yolar Fellowship Program provides a three day Getaway experience to adventurers to harness the potential of their talents and passions in a focused environment.