Hosting A Youtalk Hangout? Here’s What You Need To Know

Youtalk Hangout is an unscripted live talkshow, both physical and virtual, where the audience is the cast.

The highlights are simple:

  • A conversation about social ideas over drinks. It’s like a Karaoke without the music. Just meaningful conversation and arguments.
  • It’s like a talk show but unscripted. The audience is both the cast and guest
  • Conversation topics range from love and lust, adventures, passion and every other stimulating conversation.
  • A mic (if available) is passed for anyone to give their opinion or respond to someone else’s opinion.
  • Duration is for about 60-90 minutes.


This hangout runs simultaneously in Abuja, Calabar, Awka, Umuhia and now Lagos. It’s scheduled to happen on the 2nd Friday of every month beginning in November and I believe QSTIX is a perfect fit to play host to it. I’ll love to discuss more details about it including possible discounts on drinks and/or food in person or over the phone.

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